Handwashing with Ananse

Mary Beth Dawson, MPH; Wade Kimbrough, MFA; Eileen Dryden,PhD; Blessing Dube, MPH; Benjamin Cook, PhD, MPH; Brigitte Rudram; Sylvester Baffoe; Johnny Richardson; Margot Steenbergen, MS, MA; Pablo Suarez, PhD; Eric Gordon, PhD

Local Public Health Response to H1N1 in Massachusetts

Institute for Community Health. Report commissioned by the Coalition of Local Public Health to document the experiences of local public health departments and boards of health in Massachusetts as they worked alone or together to prevent the spread of H1N1 in their communities.

Multi-State Study on Psychotropic Medication Oversight in Foster Care

Laurel K. Leslie, MD, MPH, Thomas Mackie, MA, MPH, Emily H. Dawson, BA, Christopher Bellonci, MD, Diana R. Schoonover, BA, Angie Mae Rodday, MS, Munya Hayek, MD, Justeen Hyde, PhD. Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSI), September 2010.

Medications and Choices: the Perspectives of Families and Youth

Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PAL) and Institute for CommunitHealth (ICH), June 2008. This project was created to add the perspective of families and youth to the continuing discussion of the pros and cons of using psychotropic medications by clarifying how families decide upon the use of psychotropic medication for their child.