Engaging Youth through PhotoVoice: ICH Intern Perspective

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The second session of our Youth Photovoice project funded through Saffron Circle took place on Sunday, November 18th at the Chinese Culture Connection (CCC). It was great that our session took place in Malden, the home to most of our high school participants. After not seeing the youth for a month, I was excited to see them at the meeting! I’m sure they were also excited to take the next step in our exciting project!

Our second meeting focused on introducing the principles and importance of ethics, something that our youth needed to know about before receiving cameras to photograph their communities and lives. I’m sure our easy-to-read and creative ethics powerpoint slides helped to drive the message home! The slides and our quiz should be adequate resources for the youth to have before snapping a photo of a person. After this session, the youth will receive cameras to start on this exciting project – capturing pictures to represent what “mental health” means for them.

As the youth marked down the upcoming meeting dates on their Project Calendars, I felt optimistic about the project’s future. Along with the youth, I too expect to become better aware of mental health in my community and understand mental health’s presence in the Asian American community. Pictures are fun, simple, and creative works of art that express our emotions, stories, and ideas. Who wouldn’t like to have plenty of photos to share and show the world? I know I would. That being said, let’s run wild with our cameras!

The Saffron Circle Youth Photovoice Project is one of ICH’s many projects featuring novel Qualitative Methods and a Community-Based Participatory Research approach.

Alice Chan is an intern at ICH working with Shalini Tendulkar, ScD, ScM on the Youth Photovoice project through the ICH Education Program. Ms. Chan is a sophomore in the Department of Psychology at Tufts University.

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