Get to know Bonnie Reteguiz

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We asked Bonnie Reteguiz a few questions about herself and her role at ICH. Read on to learn more!

1. How would you describe your role at ICH? 

My role will be assisting in the needs of the staff. 

2. What is your educational background?

I took journalism and creative writing courses at Northeastern and accounting as well, that was for continuing education for a job I had. No degrees. I was actually accepted to Cambridge College for their master’s degree program (they accept students based on work experience as well as previous education achievements) but wasn’t able to get reimbursement from my employer at the time.

3. What was your career path before coming to ICH? 

My career started with the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge. I was a sales manager. Chevrolet was a client, and after successfully accommodating their hotel meetings and room needs, they offered the opportunity to interview and I was hired. After 27 years in the industry, I worked in the fire alarm industry for 15 years. Retired after COVID

4. What made you decide to come to ICH? 

I was looking for parttime work to stay active, and wanted to work in Malden, where I live. I saw the position on Indeed and applied and here I am

5. What are you most excited about for the future of ICH? 

I have never worked for a nonprofit, so this is very interesting. I am happy to be here to offer what I can

6. What are hobbies or things you like to do for fun? 

I walk a lot. I try to walk every day. Prior to COVID, I was really into Zumba and Pilates, but COVID changed that. The club I was a member at closed

7. Do you have any plans for the summer? Anything that you are looking forward to? 

I like to travel. I haven’t done much since COVID. I am hoping this year to go to Barbados, New Orleans and local trips on weekends are always a goal. I started painting during COVID, paint by number, and am pretty good at it now. It is a peaceful hobby.