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A carryover from the Medieval era, nearly 40% of US adults set New Year’s resolutions or goals each year. Many companies and organizations follow this practice as well, no doubt recognizing the setting of these goals as a method to create a framework for growth and success. Additionally, organizations may find this process (and its required reflection) useful since it acts as a way to coalesce their leadership around a more cohesive vision of what’s important. 

While annual goal-setting is not new for ICH, this year (along with many others) we have decided to share a few of our organizational goals publicly. Our goals reflect a commitment to our organization’s vision, mission, and values. The goals shared below are a mix of short term and long term goals and represent work that is already in progress. All of our goals were developed by and are shared by both employees and the ICH Board of Directors.

  • Increase impact –  An industry leader,  ICH has close to 25 years of expertise in equitable and participatory evaluation and research. This year we aim to increase our name recognition and utilize our expertise to guide policy and action and address social determinants of health through our project work


  • Strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) – Following a year of planning and workshopping, ICH will work to finalize our strategic plan and implement various DEIA-focused initiatives. Our planned initiatives aim to ensure that organizational practices and culture are equitable, inclusive, and reflective of ICH’s values.
ICH Staff support a food distribution at Bread of Life Malden in Malden, Massachusetts
  • Increase community ties- ICH will build new relationships and strengthen existing relationships with local organizations and partners in the Boston Metro area and across the Commonwealth through project work, conferences & training, networking, and volunteering


  • Focus on financial sustainability- ICH will continue to seek out new business in a way that uplifts our organization’s mission and values and that prioritizes our organization’s viability


  • Increase visibility:  ICH will maintain our leadership role in equitable evaluation and participatory methods to elevate how our unique approach provides significant value to our clients and partners as well as to the communities we serve and the field of evaluation as a whole 

As a way to hold ourselves accountable to these goals, we plan to engage internally, by tracking benchmarks, checking in, and celebrating our progress throughout the year. We hope that in sharing these goals publicly, we are able to foster an internal culture and an external network  that supports these aims.


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Nubia Goodwin, MPH

Research Associate