ICH Publishes Toolkit for Building Primary Care Research in Community Health Centers

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ICH Research Associate II, Kelly Washburn, MPH, recently published A Toolkit for Building Primary Care Research in Community Health Centers through Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health.

Abstract: Primary care providers, staff, and administrators in community health centers (CHC) have the opportunity to develop research questions relevant to the populations they serve as well as to translate evidence into practice in order to improve the health of their communities. Often, they lack the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively engage in research in their health centers. Available free of charge on the internet, this toolkit contains audio-recorded modules with accompanying PDFs to provide CHC providers and staff with the basic foundation of knowledge, skills, and tools to engage in research. Accompanying the toolkit are three worksheets designed to assist the CHCs as they navigate developing grants, collaborating with external researchers, and utilizing their electronic health record system for research. The toolkit is intended for providers, staff, and administrators at CHCs who are initiating research and/or collaborating with external researchers.

Click here to view the complete toolkit. Please visit our Primary Care Projects page for more information on ICH’s work with the Safetynet Infrastructure Initiative.