ICH Response to Charlottesville

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At ICH, we have witnessed the increasing visibility of racist hate groups in the U.S. with extreme concern. As leaders and followers of these groups emerge, they pose significant danger to the safety, health and well-being of vulnerable minorities and people of color, as we saw this weekend in Charlottesville. As with all terrorism, the fear stoked by this violent ideology reaches far beyond the actual victims of violence, impacting the well-being of people in widespread communities. Remaining silent, or making only general statements that fail to specifically condemn racism and hatred, encourages and validates these groups.

At ICH we have a deep appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of diverse communities and believe that racial equity is essential to community health. These hate groups stand in direct opposition to these values. We condemn these hate groups, their racist ideologies, and their terrorist violence in the strongest possible terms. We call upon all our leaders to do the same, and to use all available resources to protect the health and safety of our communities.