ICH to host a how-to webinar on the photovoice research method

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On Thursday, May 19th at 1pm, ICH will host a webinar titled “Picture This: a Creative Path to Participatory Engagement using Photovoice“.

Photovoice is an innovative method for conducting research and engaging groups that uses participant-generated photos to spark discussion, represent perspectives on a particular issue and answer a research question.  It is a widely applicable method that can be used for program evaluation, needs assessment, wellness groups, community development, classroom education, and much more!

This webinar is hosted by Dr. Eileen Dryden, Senior Scientist and Assistant Director of Evaluation at ICH. It is appropriate for researchers, program managers, evaluators, educators, social service providers, clinicians, and anyone who wants to engage with a group in meaningful and unique way.

The fee for the webinar is $40 and includes exclusive access to a toolkit to help you get started on your own photovoice projects, slides and a recording of the webinar for reference, as well as 1 hour of technical assistance from ICH with photovoice methodology and project design. If you are interested in learning to use photovoice but cannot make the live stream, you can still register to receive a complete recording of the webinar as well as all additional tools. Space is limited, so register today!

For questions about the webinar or for help with registration, contact rparadise@challiance.org.