ICH’s Dr. Justeen Hyde and Dr. Eileen Dryden Promoted to Senior Staff Level

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ICH is pleased to announce the promotion of two staff members at ICH, Justeen Hyde, PhD to the position of Director of Research and Evaluation and Eileen Dryden, PhD to Senior Scientist/Assistant Director of Evaluation.

Dr. Hyde joined the ICH in 2004 as a Senior Scientist, and over the last 10 years, she has led numerous research and evaluation studies in collaboration with a diverse range of partners and has become a national leader in research and evaluation of local public health infrastructure.

Dr. Dryden will join senior staff as part of the leadership team. Eileen has been with ICH for 7 years, first as a Research Associate II, and then as a Research and Evaluation Scientist. During her time at ICH, Eileen has worked on over 30 different projects and has organized ongoing Evaluation Methods Meetings aimed at enhancing staff skills.