ICH’s immigrant research gains wide news coverage

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A research study by ICH’s Leah Zallman and Sharon Touw, along with co-authors from Harvard Medical School, has gained significant news coverage. The article, “Care For America’s Elderly and Disabled People Relies on Immigrant Labor,” demonstrates the disproportionately large role immigrant health care workers play in caring for the elderly and disabled populations in the United States. Since publication last Tuesday, June 3rd in Health Affairs, the article has been rapidly picked up by various news sources, including The Washington Post, Reuters, and NBC News (see more below).

To read the research article, click here.

In addition, Leah discussed the study and the implications of restrictive immigration policy on the state of healthcare on a WTOP radio segment and a Health Affairs podcast. Click on the links below to listen:

See the below list for a selection of media outlets and articles featuring the study: