Assessment of hospital-based addiction care in Massachusetts

Client: RIZE Massachusetts Foundation
Topic Areas: Behavioral health and substance use; Healthcare delivery systems
Service: Assessment and Planning

RIZE Massachusetts Foundation hired ICH to conduct an assessment to understand the state of hospital-based addiction care programs and models in Massachusetts. This will include describing existing models and the associated best practices and challenges, as well as identifying opportunities to improve care models and integrate harm reduction practices. The assessment will profile 5-6 sites from across Massachusetts offering hospital-based addiction care for patients admitted to inpatient units. The selected sites are located in different regions of the Commonwealth, and include community hospitals and academic medical centers of varying sizes. Information will be compiled from provider/staff interviews, document review, literature review, and additional interviews conducted with key informants in this space. The final product will be a white paper profiling each participating hospital and identifying recommendations for how to further integration of addiction services into inpatient hospital care across the Commonwealth.