Downloadable data briefs on social determinants of health

Topic Area: Social determinants and immigrant health
Service: Data Services

Social determinants of health are factors related to the places where people spend their time—where they live, work, learn, and play—and are related to health risks and outcomes. Social determinants of health reflect economic stability, education, social and community context, healthcare, neighborhood, and the built environment. ICH is publishing a series of data briefs that highlight the importance of social determinants of health throughout Massachusetts. These briefs draw attention to the health of our communities and highlight disparities across the state using data from the United States Census Bureau. The data can help local communities and programs understand and prioritize social determinants of health needs as they work to improve health outcomes and decrease inequity.

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The following files are available for download below:

Topic: Housing

  1. Housing data brief: The burden of housing costs in Massachusetts
  2. Housing cost burden data tables: Tables showing the percentage of households that are cost burdened, by community (tables show both renter-occupied households and owner-occupied households)

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