Evaluation of Combined Jewish Philanthropies Mental Health Initiative

Client: Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Topic Area: Behavioral health and substance use
Service: Participatory Evaluation

ICH will support Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) in assessing the outcomes of their new Mental Health Initiative (MHI). The initiative has been developed using a participatory process with leaders and professionals in the Jewish community in the Greater Boston area.  Using a collective action framework, the initiative seeks to improve the mental health of the Jewish community through addressing service gaps, education, destigmatization, and training. To evaluate this project, ICH will utilize a participatory mixed-methods approach, including qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, participatory feedback sessions, and program data tracking and analysis. At the end of the project, ICH will synthesize all data and present findings to stakeholders. CJP intends to use what is learned through this evaluation to support the ongoing improvement and development of the Mental Health Initiative.