Needs assessment of populations with disabilities in Massachusetts

Client: Massachusetts Statewide Independent Living Council
Topic Area: Social determinants of health
Service: Assessment and Planning

The Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in Massachusetts serve people with disabilities by providing a variety of programs and services. ICH is working with the Massachusetts Statewide Independent Living Council (MASILC) to assess the current population served by the 10 CILs. ICH is compiling and assessing a) data from all CILs to identify areas and population groups currently being served, underserved and unserved and b) secondary data for an overview of the communities with disabilities across Massachusetts and to look for trends and existing gaps. ICH is also conducting stakeholder interviews to better identify and understand which populations are under- and unserved, and the factors contributing to gaps in services. The project aims to identify the disparities and gaps in services across the 10 CILs and provide recommendations to address these gaps and improve access to and quality of services provided.