Understanding immigrant’s perceptions of police interactions in the Everett, MA community

Client: La Communidad, Inc and the Cambridge Health Alliance Department of Community Health Improvement
Topic Area: Immigrant health
Service: Assessment and Planning

ICH Director of Research Leah Zallman provided technical assistance to La Communidad, a non profit dedicated to providing a better future to the Latino-American community in the city of Everett, MA and surrounding areas. La Communidad received a grant from the Aetna Foundation to work to improve the relationship between police and immigrants in the city of Everett. As part of this grant, La Communidad conducted a focus group with community members to gain a deeper understanding of immigrant’s perceptions of interactions with police in the community. ICH used a capacity building approach to guide the focus group process including helping design the focus group guide, training staff at La Communidad to conduct the focus group and providing a framework for analysis.