Implementation of a Navigation Center to Improve Patient Access

Type: Journal Article
Date: October 2019


Zallman L, McCarron C, Silva L. Implementation of a Navigation Center to Improve Patient Access. Journal of Medical Practice Management, 2019, 35(2):72-75


Although call centers are the main point of access for patients seeking care at
health centers, many centers are not equipped to handle most inquiries, which
creates inefficiencies. We describe the implementation of a Navigation Center
at a community health center. The Navigation Center improved access to care: it
reduced call abandonment rates from 13% to 3%, increased one-call resolution
rates from 70% to 84%, and decreased the proportion of calls being transferred
to practice nurses from 86% to 47%. The proportion of calls answered within
60 seconds increased from 61% to 73% after implementation. In addition, the
call center improved patient experience of care, improved staff experience, and
improved operational efficiencies.

Posted with Permission from The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, Volume 35, Number 2, pages 72-75, Copyright 2019, American Association for Physician Leadership®, 800-562-8088,