Quality Assurance in Evaluation: Systems, Standards, and Strategies

Type: Presentation
Date: November 2019


Ranjani K. Paradise, and Carolyn F. Fisher. “Quality Assurance in Evaluation: Systems, Standards, and Strategies”, Presented at the 2019 American Evaluation Association Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN.


For evaluation data to be impactful and credible, evaluators must ensure that the methodologies used and the products produced are consistently of high quality. However, this is often easier said than done, especially when resources are limited and deadlines are tight.

In this Birds of a Feather gathering, we invite you to discuss strategies and approaches for Quality Assurance (QA) in evaluation. What systems do you use for reviewing and quality checking products in your practice? In what areas are written standards most useful? How can small and mid-size organizations set up QA systems that do not overburden staff? To what extent should staff time for QA be billed to a client vs. paid for internally?

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