Bridges to Moms Program Evaluation

Client: Health Care Without Walls
Topic Areas: Children, youth, and families; Social determinants and immigrant health
Service: Participatory Evaluation

The Bridges to Moms program at Health Care Without Walls provides health and social services to homeless pregnant women and new mothers. ICH is conducting a mixed-methods evaluation of the impact of Bridges to Moms during the program’s first two years. Using program and medical records data for mothers and infants, ICH will determine the program’s influence¬†on gestational age at birth, birth weight, and length of newborn stay in the NICU, as well as on postpartum engagement in primary care for mom and baby. Interviews with program participants will help to determine the most meaningful components of Bridges to Moms, as well as participant satisfaction and areas for improvement. The results of the evaluation will be used to seek additional funding for the program and to contribute to the literature on serving at-risk urban populations.