Lise E. Fried, DSc, MS

Executive Director


Lise E. Fried is the Executive Director for the Institute for Community Health. She has a wide-ranging background in public health, including public sector work and epidemiologic research. Her most recent job was Director of Research and Technology for the Boston Public Health Commission where she oversaw research activities, public health reporting (including the annual Health of Boston report), information technology, and information systems.

Dr. Fried received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, her Master of Science degree in Public Health from Tufts University, and her doctoral degree in Epidemiology from Boston University. Her dissertation topic was “Exposure to Violence and Pregnancy Outcomes.” One of her dissertation projects received the Dean of the School of Public Health’s Award. She has published on a variety of topics including exposure to violence, substance use, pregnancy outcomes, childhood injury prevention, fear of falling in the elderly, and referral completion. Her research interests include the health effects of exposure to violence, risk factors for suicide, and improving surveillance of injuries and illnesses.